Digital Content Creation

Going digital is the cheapest and most effective way to reach a massive audience quickly. Just about everyone is online, including the people you want to target your brands messaging to. But your activities on these digital platforms shouldn’t be gimmicky, pitchy, random or sometime-ish. A strong content strategy that is consistent, engaging and on brand will get you seen and more importantly, felt.

Corporate & Personal Brand Blogging

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Be a company, brand, professional with something to say ‒ have a perspective or an opinion on your industry or field(s) of interest. Share some well grounded, useful advice with your audience.

A well researched and written blog will put your expertise on show and raise your brands profile. I’ll help you design your blog platform as well as develop your blogs identity and content.

Social Media Content Development

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Your social media profile is an extension of your brands digital identity. It is a powerful branding tool that if used properly can give your brand a competitive edge.

I’ll help you create a brand specific social media strategy for each platform that’ll include the following:

  • A content calendar
  • Post schedule
  • Audience Engagement Plan
  • Influencer Partnership Programme
  • Campaigns
  • Go Live Events

Podcast Production

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What does your brand want its audience to know? Tell them directly with a podcast. Podcasts like blogs are effective mediums to connect with your audience, reach and convert new people and build your tribe.

I’ll help you develop and produce a branded poadcast that”ll seamlessly integrate and compliment your online branding activities.



Content Planning & Execution Strategy

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The digital branding process can get a lot complicated when you have to decide the where (which platform), the when (post schedule), the what (topic), the who (target audience) and the how (curated vs original content). You either don’t have the time, patience, expertise or all the above to even think about that right now ‒ or ever … Kool!

I’lll help you figure all that out and if you like I’ll even create the branded content, all you have to do is press post.



Platform Development & Management

If you’re doing business in 2019 you should already have a website, blog and a strong presence on several social platforms. That’s if you’re doing it right and by it I mean the internet, the only 24hr automated self promotion platform.  If you haven’t yet caught on, your twenty years behind but don’t worry it’s never too late to go digital.

Email Subscription Management

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There is a lot you can do with your website, perhaps the most crucial is data collection. You can collect data on everything from visitors to clicks to subscription rates. The latter is even more crucial because your subscribers list is a gold mine, literally.

Having an email list means you have the means to communicate directly with your customers, even more so than social media. You can even use the data to target specific customers for specific products avoiding annoyance for the rest of the list.

It is a very valuable marketing resource to any brand and one you should be keen to start building immediately. I’ll help you build your email list by:

  • Developing Lead Magnets
  • Creating Blog Content
  • Oragnizing Digital & Live Events (webinars, networking sessions etc)
  • Optimize website for Opt-Ins
  • Social Media/Mobile Opt-In Campaigns

Digital Relationship Development

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Because self praise is no recommendation, word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and that’s also true for digital platforms. People trust people even the ones they think they know online which is why infleuncer marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

Building relationships with digital personalities can be a big boost to your brands profile and reach. I’ll help you develop the strategy to find and cultivate those relationships.

Digital Events Development & Coordination

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Hosting brand events can be a very effectiuve way of raising your brands profile, attracting more customers and building brand loyalty.  Fortunately,  you can avoid the expense of doing so by going digital. 

There are many digital platforms and tools you can use to host webinars, podcasts, tutorials and even your very own weekly show all from the comfort of your own home (home studio).

I’ll help you create, produce and promote your own brand specific digital event.


Presentation Design

Presentations are perhaps the best way of getting your well researched paper, data, lecture notes ans just basic information to your audience — it can also be boring and highly forgettable. Avoid boring your audience half to death with highly engaging, visually appealing and effective presenations, reports, studies, academic papers, brochures, service profiles etc.

PowerPoint, Keynote & Google Slides

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 You have spent a lot of time researching, collecting data and putting your information together. I am here to ensure that your hard work stands out with your audience.

I’ll turn your information into high quality info-graphics, slideshows, videos and reports. I can even turn your presentation graphics into bite-sized social media content to further promote your work.

Promotional Videos

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Survey says people prefer to watch videos than read plain text. That’s understandable as information is absorbed quicker and in a way that’s less, well ready.

Videos make it easier for your audience to engage with and digest the important information you want your audience to know.

I will create short, engaging, shareable videos that you can use to boost your business/brand/professional profile.


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Adding infographics to your presentation can really bring your information to life — turning boring charts, graphs and diagrams into engaging tools you can use to captivate your audience.

Adding animation to those graphics can take your presentation to the next level and make your work stand-out. I will help you turn your incredible research/lecture/Data/Information into animated infographics that is shareable across digital platforms.

Animated Graphics

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Animating your research, lecture notes, data even your resume is a great way to ensure that the information you are sharing connects with your audience.

I can turn your information into animated graphics that you can use across digital platforms to further promote your work.


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