Episode 3: The Pineapple Lady w/ Kadia Francis (A Solo Show)

By Kadia Francis | October 26, 2018 | 32 mins

“Believe me burnout is a thing that can happen quickly if you don’t pace yourself’, I went into panic mode when I lost my job and started frantically doing eveything burning myself out, I’m really only just recovering.”

We are three episodes in and I figured it’s time I formally introduced myself to di people dem yuh nuh. This podcast is one of my passion projects and really me adding my voice to the Jamaican Digital space, another personal interest of mine.

If I said it once I will say it til ya’ll hear me, the future is digital and Jamaicans are poised to take advantage of all the opportunities access to broadband internet and your smart phone provides.  I want this podcast to be where you can come for information, tips and advice from the people in the know about how you can get involved and get earning.

But who is Kadia Francis though?

Glad you asked, I am a podcaster, blogger,digital content creator , graphic designer and digital brand development strategist (a mouth full right? But I promise that’s not just word salad) I am also a PowerPoint Designer.

I became a full-fledged digital entrepreneur when I got fired from my job in April 2018. I realized from early that the 9-5 grind wasn’t for me and was always planning an exit strategy but life happens before you’re ready sometimes. But while that swift kick up the rear set me on my entrepreneurial journey faster than anticipated I don’t regret a thing, in fact, I’m so grateful for that jolt.


At first for purely selfish reasons, when I was just starting out on my digital entrepreneurship journey localized information was scarce or out dated or inaccurate. I was deluged with videos, articles and inspirational quotes about the internet and social media and how to start but from non-Jamaicans not experienced in this market. 

“The biggest problem we have in Jamaica is a lack of information and that runs the gamut and cuts right across industries, we don’t seem to like to document things so everyboyd a guess an spell about what to do where to go to get information, what to talk to about tings so this podcast is supposed to be a community resource for persons wanting to explore the digital space”.

I decided that instead of waiting for someone else to start providing this information I’ll start asking the questions, talking to the people with the experience and track down the information myself. But, I am the biggest informer so I couldn’t in all good conscience keep it to myself so I  created my own platform on which I could freely and fully share what I’ve learned.

Here is where you can tune in to conversations about the how, what when, where and who of it all from the people who are already involved in the space, making great content, adding value to the digital community.  


Because they are colourful and bright and zingy and refreshing and sweet like me. All kidding aside, pineapples have long since come to be a symbol of ‘good vibes’, hospitality, welcome, good fortune and wealth.
“The Pineapple Is A Symbol Of Good Luck! Because Of Its Many Eyes, It Sees The Opportunity Ahead And Faster Than Others.” – Pineapple Supply Co. 
As someone who suffers with anxiety remaining positive and happy takes deliberate actions on my part and that means surrounding myself with the people and things that brings me the most joy, it just so happen that elephants and pineapples do that for me. It helps that it is my absolutely favourite fruit and being a obsessively patriotic Jamaican that golden sunny yellow with that tinge of green is my favourite color palette.

Let’s conitnue the conversation, follow me here      



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