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Kadia Francis

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“Make sure you surround yourself with people who are trying to do what you’re trying to do, because you can feed from each other, bounce ideas off each other… it’s like an exchange.”

There are a lot of opportunities available to Jamaicans online, many different platforms that we can take advantage of to launch our own digital career, nobody knows how to do this better than Sue-Tanya McHorgh, the digital powerhouse.

Who is Sue-Tanya McHorgh?

She is one of my favourite Instagrammers and all round digital bad ass. Sue-Tanya is one of the first to capitalize ont he remote working trend in Jamaica becoming  a virtual assistant before it was even a thing locally. From virtual assisting she has launched a successful digital career branching off into other areas and founding Suetys Business Solutions, a boutique brand and web design company. She is also the owner of Suetys Boutique an online shop.


Her journey started when she was laid off from a job where she was overworked and underpaid. Like most entrepreneurs she wanted to focus all that energy into building something for herself. She’s had setbacks and failures which led her back to the 9-5, but she learned, regrouped and now is crushing it.

There are many lessons to learn from her journey like how she was able to build up a solid clientele usinf established platforms like  Fiver.com and Upwork, how she lost her rating status and had to start all over again on her own platform. We also spoke about Instagram and how she uses it to get clients without running promotions and how with the help of friends she learned we design and development. 


We had a wonderful time walking and talking in the gardens of the beautiful Pegasus Jamaica Hotel in the heart of Kingston Jamaica. You can watch the interview on our YouTube Channel – The Digital Jamaica Vlogcast.

Let’s continue the conversation, how are you crushing the digital space? Leave us a comment on our social media page and let us know for a shoutout in our next episode.

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Kadia Francis

I am a blogger, podcaster, digital content creator and brand developer keen on telling the story of  Jamaica and Jamaicans in the tech and digital space.


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