Episode 6 : Renewable 

Kadia Francis

March 26, 2019

So this is a story all about how Denell quit his high flying construction engineering job and instead started a blog then a company hell bent on saving the planet. Denell, the unlikely hero of this story got super inspired after a particulalry thrilling ride in an electric car. Since then he has been travelling the globe learning and observing in an effort to make renewable energy a mainstream thing in the Caribbean.

In this episode of the Digital Jamaica Podast, I sat down to a conversation with Denell Florius half of the genius duo (the other being Zaina Pamphile) behind EcoCarib an award winning green tech company out of Saint Lucia.


Denell is a Saint Lucian with the loftiest of goals, he wants  to save the planet … one green energy solution at a time. He is passionate about renewable energy and green technology because he believes our generation has the opportunity to literally save the planet and well, we bloody well should.

“We can save humanity, its a lot of pressure on us but we have to go all out, this is bigger than any one person, this is bigger than any business … This is a global issue, this is a human issue, this is an earth issue we want to save the planet … It’s up to us to make the decision and to take action against climate change.”

He is determined that the Caribbean can realize a sustainable greener future through green technology.

His company EcoCarib is leading that charge by providing green energy solutions to residences and businesses looking to save money while lessening their carbon footprint. He is also wise to the fact of natural disasters in the Caribbean and how dramatically we are affected given the recent catastrophe that was hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico.

Through their online platform EcoCarib.com clients can have a customizable solar energy system designed to specification, financed, installed and maintained. It’s literally a one stop uber affordable solar energy platform. This is innovation in action that will save the planet to boot and for that his company has been recognized both regionally and internationally for the massive dent they’ve been making in the Renewable Energy Technology Space.


Denell dropped a lot of gems and truth bombs in this episode talking about everything from being focused, to building your network to letting go off people who doesnt align with your vision.

Here’s just a few nuggets of wisdom from the episode. 

About the ideation process:

” an idea is useless without action, you can have all the research in the world to prove that it can work but without the action behind it it’s useless.” 

Overcoming adversity:

“you’re going to get adversity from the people closest to you but that’s something you have to adapt and overcome.”

Building your network:

“focus on building your network when you’re just starting up, that will take you everywhere … Whatever problem you’re facing and whatever support that you need once you have the right person in your network it’s only a WhatsApp message away to get a solution.”

So in a nutshell build up a strong network,  stay focused and be prepared to  cut waste people off even if they’re your friends boo.


Listen, Denell is a bloody sage, with an impressive work ethic of getting shit done. Chuss me I left the conversation feeling inspired and hopeful and I’m sure you will too. Let me know what you think of the conversation, leave your comments over on our Instagram page here for a shoutout in the next episode. 

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