How to Plan, Create & Distribute Content to Attract & Engage your Target Audience

Join me on Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 10:00am for the Digital Jamaica Back to Digital Basics Workshop focusing on Content Development. A step by step walkthrough of the content development and production process for Jamaicans struggling to create authentic brand content



  • Getting clear on your brand message and formulating content that will best deliver that message on the right platforms to your target audience.


  • How to structure and organize the brand creation process to remain consistent, maintain quality and avoid overwhelm


  • Where to distribute your content and how to make it attractive to your intended audience.

What You Get

What you get as a participant of the workshop


Workbook II is an 8 page excerpt from the Digital Strategy Development Workbook. An e-book chock full of information and exercises to help Jamaican brands & businesses formulate a strong digital strategy.


Participants will also get a copy of my customizable Content Planner, it will help you develop and organize all the content you create and publish each month.


As well as the Planner you’ll also get a free copy of my Content Task Scheduler.  Similar to the Work breakdown Structure project managers use to complete tasks, my Content Task Scheduler will help you to structure your content creation process.

Your Investment

Workshops are priced to be accessible to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the digital space


Meet Your Instructor

“Content development is tedious and time consuming but it doesnt have to be overwhelming”

For a long time I struggled with finding the right information, resources and tools that’d help me create the right content for my brand that will reach the right people. After years of trial and error,  frustration and fatigue, I have developed a system (to include strategies and tools) that works.

In this workshop I will teach you how to develop a content strategy unique to your brand, starting with the basic building blocks of branding such as brand identity and messaging. 

At the end of the day you’ll have a clearer understanding of what the content creation process entails. You will also be able to develop your own system to create content that will attract and engage your target audience.


2020 Workshops

 Workshops & training courses coming up starting January 2020

Intro to Digital Media

A three part from basics course looking at digital media (social media, messaging apps and website) for senior citizens.

Brand Strategy Development

A deep dive two part course exploring all the elements involved in creating a solid strategy to grow your brand online

Influencer Marketing Strategy

A look at the growing Jamaican influencer market and how to build digital partnerships with local and non local  entities

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