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Hi, I’m Kadia,  a newly minted blogger, (although i’ve been one in my head for over 6 years now), podcaster, graphic designer specializing in powerpoint design and animation, an ideator, collaborator, brand developer and information volunteer.

My love affair with the internet began back in college when I couldn’t afford the ridiculously expensive legal textbooks and had to rely heavily on  Google resources to complete those papers and pass those exams.

I’ve been obsessed ever since, dedicating time and diligence learning about digital platforms and how myself and other Jamaicans like me can leverage these platforms for opportunities.


“The future of business is digital, there really is no getting around that so you might as well get wid it”. – me

Annnddddddd, that’s why I’m here, that’s why this blog is here, to help you figure it all out. The articles I post are useful and easy to follow and you can always message me for more information or for a consultation if you really just don’t feel like doing it by yourself.

Either way, I GOTCHYU BOO!



“If yuh nuh awtical yuh awtificial, don’t over think it!” – @sashabling

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